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Vol. 17 No. 23 - March 22, 2017


Going Irish

Sunday's Beach Bistro St. Patrick's Day Parade looked like it was a record for numbers of vehicles participating and for people watching it.

If you've read his columns in The Sun, you'll agree Sean Murphy has a unique sense of humor and he tells endearing stories of his Irish ancestors. When he first started these parades, he said it was the result of late night conversations with Bradenton Herald columnist Vin Mannix, lubricated by alcohol (Irish whiskey?) and a question that started out with "What if…"

The populace quickly caught on, mainly because it gave them a chance to dress like leprechauns, drive decorated golf carts and throw or catch beads.

We are convinced that Murphy feels life is too short to not have fun with almost everything he does and it's a good place to be. Add to it the thought that we're in paradise and there is no place for frowns in paradise.

The annual parade has a unique history. Once he convinced a trainer called Mr. Bones to bring his elephant named Judy, she was set as a parade regular. Unfortunately, after a great run, she passed away and we all grieved. Murphy got two camels from Mr. Bones to walk this year but they'll never take the place of Judy.

Then Murphy's crew got a blow up elephant and pulled it along the parade on a trailer. Unfortunately, the rubber elephant suffered a tear in its skin and by the time the parade ended, the poor elephant looked like Lee Marvin riding his horse in the movie "The Legend of Cat Ballou."

Thanks for a great parade on every Irishman's "holy holiday," Sean. Nothing can replace Judy, but a whimsical reminder and two humpy-back camels are good for a start. Uncle George would be proud

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