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Vol. 17 No. 28 - April 26, 2017

letters to the editor

Consider a third bridge

I would like to commend Anna Cockerham, Cortez, on her excellent letter to the Florida Department of Transportation, published in the April 19 issue of the Anna Maria Island Sun. Ms. Cockerham is exactly correct. A third bridge from the mainland to the north end of Long Boat Key would resolve all of the current traffic issues through the towns of Cortez and Bradenton Beach and assist greatly toward facilitating the traffic as it grows when the flower farm property along Cortez Road is developed into a residential community. The late Bradenton Beach resident Jim Kissick has been advocating this solution for years with several (maybe more) letters appearing in The Sun newspaper. Why the Department of Transportation has not taken this recommendation into consideration is beyond me. I hope they now do.

Eric Wilson

Don't let land be pillaged

Because of the traffic snarl on Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island, I have seen the re-transformation of "Aqua by the Bay".

There used to be attractive fields, crops, trees, birds, cows and countless other living creatures. Presently, it is a dirt wasteland with no vegetation for an ecosystem to thrive on. Now, in the far west section, there is a small area fenced off where the visible animals are confined.

The tomatoes are plowed under each season and the cows are only there to acquire an agriculture status for property taxes.

If this is how developers take care of land vegetation and living animals that can be seen, just imagine how they will care and take care of sea vegetation and animals we cannot see.

I have witnessed Hillsborough County's land be raped and pillaged by developers for their own benefit; that is why I moved to Manatee County years ago. I am hoping this can be prevented. The fragile ecosystem of Manatee County is already threatened.

Skip St. John
Bradenton Beach

Trolleys need GPS

My family loves the Anna Maria Island trolley. However, the trolley system needs GPS tracking capability, which includes a smart phone app that will allow riders to track the location of the trolley at all times.

The Anna Maria Island Sun newspapers recently reported Barrier Island Elected Officials (BIEO) are exploring adding an additional trolley to the system. The Sun also reported the cost of the trolley at $450,000 not including maintenance and staffing. Implementing GPS tracking capability for trolley users is a much less expensive option that solves the issue.

Heavy traffic causes huge delays for the trolley and currently riders are forced to wait at a stop with no idea how long the wait will be. If there was an app whereby riders could track the status of the trolley, they could continue shopping or eating until the trolley was close, rather than spending that time waiting at a trolley stop.

John M. Wright
Holmes Beach

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