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Vol. 17 No. 32 - May 24, 2017

letters to the editor

Sticker attacks

I read Carol Whitmore's letter to the editor (The Sun, May 17) about the "professional sticker" someone put on a house under construction which said something like "big houses and greedy." I agree with her that the sticker was uncalled for (not unlawful, but uncalled for). What bothered me, however, was her jump to assuming it was someone who wants to encourage permanent residents to live here who did this un-neighborly act.

There are two things happening on this Island currently: one is the fight against the movement to take all control of vacation rentals away from cities. Ms. Whitmore has not been helpful in this regard, insisting that the traffic isn't so bad and that residents who are leaving the Island are just "cashing out."

The other positive side of the effort is to encourage permanent residents and snowbirds and annual renters to move here. That is the goal of Home Sweet Home. No one from Home Sweet Home would ever engage in "sticker attacks." It would have been better if Ms. Whitmore could have contained her comments to how unfriendly and un-neighborly the sticker was. Or even better, if Ms. Whitmore could reverse her record of consistently voting for development and developers, and increased tourism, ignoring their effects on the Island.

Jean Peelen
Holmes Beach

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