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Vol. 17 No. 36 - June 21, 2017

letters to the editor

Suspension needed

Another chapter draws to a close (or does it?) in the ongoing abuse of office demonstrated by John Metz, a member of the Bradenton Beach Planning and Zoning Board. A third-party special master recently rejected the claims he directed against the city and its senior staff that came with nearly $20,000 in direct costs to the city, not including the indirect costs associated with the tremendous waste of staff's time. Combined with his previous litigation, he has now cost the city more than $30,000, which is nearly $50 per household in our small city.

After taking up residence here a few years ago, Mr. Metz immediately insinuated himself into the local political scene by securing a position on the P&Z board. His appointment was renewed recently by a reluctant and divided city commission. His value as a board member was argued by some as a reason to retain him, even though he has been in constant conflict with the city, its staff and some of its citizens. He has made efforts to intimidate a city commissioner by making complaints concerning his business operations. He made unfounded ethics complaints involving a sitting mayor and he has waged an ongoing dispute with his next-door neighbor, which was the basis for his recent litigation. These efforts are absolutely personal and at one point the police were called to settle a dispute between Mr. Metz and said neighbor.

Commissioners, it's not too late to take action: Mr. Metz should be terminated from the P&Z, a board currently composed of qualified and dedicated members who are working as a team for the betterment of the city. At the very least, he should be suspended if any legal action or formal complaints against the city or its staff remain pending. How can he be an effective board member when he's constantly at odds with the city employees and officials he must deal with on a regular basis? They are capable of doing their jobs objectively. Is Mr. Metz?

Jack Clarke
Bradenton Beach

Saving our environment

Let's not wait for government to help fix our environment; that could take years. We - you and me - can start today. Could you imagine if all Anna Maria Island's approximate population of 7,000 residents, each tried to use one less gallon of water a day (shorter showers). Use less paper products, reduce trash and save trees. Run your dishwasher when full only. Remember to take your recycle bags to the grocery store, pharmacy etc. Used so much less insecticide, do some weeding.

I have been thinking about this and trying to do my part. Individual cities could not just give out recycle bins but make recycling necessary by residents and visitors alike. If we all tried to use less individual water bottles. Well, you get the picture. A famous quote comes to mind. Don't ask what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country, your world. I wonder who said that?

Suzanne Graziano
Holmes Beach


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